Political theory / Psychoanalysis 



Christopher Skeaff (PhD, LCSW) is a psychotherapist in private practice. He earned a doctorate in political theory from Northwestern University and has held research and teaching posts in the University of Michigan's Society of Fellows and Department of Political Science. Skeaff trained in clinical social work at Loyola University Chicago and is a graduate of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute's "Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Thought" program. 




@skeafftheory (Twitter)


Becoming Political: Spinoza's Vital Republicanism and the Democratic Power of Judgment (University of Chicago Press, 2018). 


"Any reader interested in (re)discovering Spinoza should start with Christopher Skeaff's erudite yet supple Becoming Political, a book that not only offers a fresh interpretation of Spinoza...but also mobilizes that reading to engage rigorously and meaningfully with a variety of strands of contemporary political theory."

    -- Samuel Chambers, Johns Hopkins University


"A very impressive and fascinating work...This book will definitely make a serious and lasting contribution to current Spinoza scholarship and political philosophy in general."

    -- Martin Saar, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany